3D Gaussian Splatting

3D Gaussian Splatting (3DGS)

In the fascinating world of 3D graphic rendering, a new technology is making waves: "3D Gaussian Splatting for Real-Time Radiance Field Rendering". This innovative method allows for the real-time visualization of photorealistic scenes, similar to point cloud rendering. The scene is represented as a sparse cloud of 3D Gaussians. This representation method has the advantage of being able to render both fine elements (such as vegetation, grass, hair) and reflective elements. A perfect balance between visual quality and performance, long considered unattainable, is now a reality. This page references different scans that I have tested using this method.


For example, here is the rendering of a Motobécane Z 56 C



Fabergé Egg

At the top, the model processed through 3D Gaussian Splatting, and at the bottom the same model processed more traditionally in photogrammetry, showing that the lower mesh no longer has real-time reflections.

Root of an Old Tree

This tree was scanned at the Manoir de Menguionnet. Other models such as the medieval door or spiral staircase can be seen on my Sketchfab.

Some Less Successful Scans

Some scans that either had too few images or an environment that was not sufficiently worked on to reconstruct the element without these artifacts."

Please note that some models have been designed to be viewed on a black background, you can change the background color via these buttons

Note that the web viewer also seems to compress in part the way 3DGS are rendered. Here, for example, is the same scene in Unity/Spline.Design.


Utah Teapot

Finally, to conclude, a scan that I find quite successful:

"Smithfield Utah", a sculpture by Alan Butler located in Smithfield Square, referencing the Utah Teapot. This scene is quite heavy, which is why I have not integrated it here to avoid overloading the page, but you can view it in full screen by clicking on this link



Here's an idea of the sizes of each scene:

Scene Size
Motobecane 1.7 MB
Scale 4.5 MB
Hookah 0.7 MB
Fabergé Egg 1.1 MB
Fabergé Egg (mesh) 1.4 MB
Tree 16.7 MB
Vase 0.5 MB
Statue 0.7 MB
Transparent Statue 0.1 MB
Transparent Vase 1.4 MB
Utah Teapot 16.5 MB