Grav CMS

First article

As a first article, I would like to talk about the CMS Grav, on which my website is currently based. A previous version of my portfolio existed, but was never maintained because I had chosen at the time to use a non-dynamic system, where the pages were encoded directly in html. I had chosen this originally for simplicity because I already had a first experience with CMS such as Wordpress and Spip, and for my showcase website, I didn't see the need (at the time) to use a system as heavy as that, with a database to secure and everything. You can find an archive of my site here.

For this new site, I chose the CMS Grav for several reasons:

  • Simplicity of use (twig loops, markdown pages interpretation).
  • Open sources
  • Community present (on discord, forum, many themes, addons etc.)
  • Good documentation (although not enough video tutorials for my taste)
  • No database to manage (why bother with that just for a blog)
  • An administration panel for maintenance

Code examples :

carbon(3) carbon(4) carbon(2)

The CMS comes partly from Broke a multifunctional HTML/CSS template that I have modified / adapted to Grav quite a bit.

Blog content

This blog is not intended to have a defined editorial line, you will find blender tips, recommendations for more relaxed content, vlogs (or rather logs since I don't intend to film myself).